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ASMODEUS: Asmoday Summoning
[Image: Asmodeus%20-%20Asmoday%20Summoning%20Dem...%20God.png]

Asmodeus Summoning: King Of The Demons
Tarot Card: Eight Of Pentacles

Names: Asmodeus, Asmoday, Aeshma, Ashmedai, Ashmodai, Asmodius, Sydonay, Hasmoday

Zodiac: 5 to 9 Degrees Of Virgo

Planet: Neptune

Metal: Blue Copper, Gold

Plant: Mint

Element: Water

Dates: 28th August to the 1st September

Color: Blue & Black, Yellow

Incense: Frankincense

Time: Day

Direction: North

Powers: Mind/Thought Control, Answers All Questions, Teacher, Relationship Breakups

Rank: King

Chant/Enn: Ayer Avage Aloren Asmodeus Aken

[Image: sigil%20Asmoday_seal.png]
Asmoday is a great teacher, and he can teach you everything about Astronomy, Craftsmanship, and Astronomy. Asmodeus can answer any questions, and he can give you the ability to read thoughts. He guards and discovers treasures, breaks up relationships/marriages, and gives invisibility. As always treat the Gods with high respect and Asmodeus is usually kind and a gentleman. It’s a good experience to work with him.

From Testament of Solomon, F. C. Conybeare edition:
"I am called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another. And I sever them utterly by many calamities, and I waste away the beauty of virgin women, and estrange their hearts."

[Image: asmoday%20asmodeus%20summoning.png]

From The Lesser Key of Solomon, Crowley/Mathers edition:
The Thirty-second Spirit is Asmoday, or Asmodai. He is a Great King, Strong, and Powerful. He appeareth with Three Heads, whereof the first is like a Bull, the second like a Man, and the third like a Ram; he hath also the tail of a Serpent, and from his mouth issue Flames of Fire. His Feet are webbed like those of a Goose. He sitteth upon an Infernal Dragon, and beareth in his hand a Lance with a Banner. He is first and choicest under the power of Amaymon, he goeth before all other. When the Exorcist hath a mind to call him, let it be abroad, and let him stand on his feet all the time of action, with his Cap or Head-dress off; for if it be on, Amaymon will deceive him and cause all his actions to be bewrayed. But as soon as the Exorcist seeth Asmoday in the shape aforesaid, he shall call him by his Name, saying: "Art thou Asmoday?" and he will not deny it, and by-and-by he will bow down unto the ground. He given the Ring of Virtues; he teacheth the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts absolutely. He giveth true and full answers unto thy demands. He maketh one Invincible. He showeth the place where Treasures lie, and guardeth it. He, amongst the Legions of AMAYMON, governeth 72 Legions of Spirits Inferior. His Seal is this which thou must wear as a Lamen upon thy breast, etc.
[Image: asmodeus%20sigil%20enn%20asmoday.png]
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