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Aim Aka Harborym Demon
AIM has many names such as:

1) Aym 

2) Aini

3) Harborym

4) Hrborym

Zodiac position: 20-24 degrees of Cancer

Date: July 13th to 17th.

Plant: Lemon 

Planet: Neptune

Metal: Tin/Neptunium 

Tarot card: 4th of Cups

Colour: Deep blue

Element: Air

Rank: Marquis/Duke

Demonic Enn: Ayer avage secore Aim 

Aim is a day demon and controls over 26 legions of spirits. He is said to be a Duke.
He gives true answers of questions. Even those unknown to humans.

He makes men cunning, witty and teaches shrewdness. 
Aim Aka Ayin is the 23rd spirit of Goetia.

It is also said he is same as the demon "Raum".

Aim manifests as a three headed man, one of snake, another of cat and the last one of a human.
He holds torch in one hand and rides a viper.

This demon is greatly knowledgeable and can answer any question even regarding personal matters.

The demon is said to be able to set down buildings and whole cities on fire on the command of the conjurer.
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