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Amdusias Demon Lord
Date: February 19th-23rd

Tarot card: 8 of Cups

Color: Light Blue/Green

Plant: Mimosa

Planet: Neptune

Animal: Bird

Metal: Silver

Rank: King

Element: Water/Air

Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Pisces

Direction: Southeast

Amdusias Also known as Amduscias is a Great duke of hell and controls over 30 legion of spirits. He is a night demon.

Amdusias has the highest skill in music in hell and thus can help you with increasing your musical skills.

He causes musical instruments to be heard, but not seen, and gives excellent familiars.

He can cause trees to fall on ground on conjurer's will and can even cause a tree to be barren of leaves .
Amdusias is rather more aggresive and he can help the conjurer get rid of a person.

Therefore, He can also help you with protection and banishing.
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]
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