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Andras Demon
Date: January 30th- February 3rd

Tarot card: 6 of Swords

Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees of Aquarius

Planet: Pluto/Mars

Animal: Hell Hound/Wolf

Plant: Violet/Jasmine

Metal: Iron/silver

Direction: East

Colour: Black/Red

Demonic Enn: Entay ama Andras anay

Rank: Marquis

Andras is a night demon and governs over 30 legion of spirits. 
Andras is a very dangerous demon who was known to kill mages and their assistants.

Andras is a great marauis of hell controlling over 30 legion of inferior demons. He is the 63rd spirit of the Goetia.

Andras can teach you death Magick, necromancy, telepathy, mastery over physical self(especially for war). He can be called upon for the destruction of your enemies. 

Andras appears in the form of an Angel having a head of raven riding a wolf with a shining sword in his hand.
Working with Andras can be quite unpleasant for some because he is sometimes straightforward to the point which some may not like and in order to yield results, he may do whatever is necessary.

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