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Announcement I
[Image: lucifer%20bael%20astaroth%20azazel.png]

Hey Alpha Satan. It’s Infernal.

At this moment our vision is at its start, but very soon we’re about to grow exponentially.

Father Lucifer, Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Azazel gave me their dark blessings for Alpha Satan, and I want to thank them again. The Gods are working together with me on this movement, network, forum, and era.

Alpha Satan is THE home of spiritual Satanists, Luciferians, and all spiritual people who want to make massive progress and work with our teachers, masters, and gods.

We do NOT accept delusional, manipulated people like Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Religion is just an invention that is spreading lies and is controlling humans.

I’ve added many features to Alpha Satan:

-         Community Chat Box: Chat with the Alpha Satan Community
-         Achievements: Receive awesome Awards (more information)
-         Premium Memberships: Support us and get access that is priceless (more information)
-         Like Button
-         New Emoji Design
-         And new incredible forums

Our next move is to fill Alpha Satan with more invaluable content.
~ Infernal
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