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Anubis - Ipos: Summon The God Ipos
[Image: summon-anubis-ipos.png]

Anubis / Ipos

WARNING! Treat this God with respect and treat Anubis as the great awesome Egyptian he really is.

Planet: Mars / Pluto / Jupiter
Color: Dark Blue
Names: Ipos, Anubis, Ipes, Aypeos, Ayporos
Incense / Plant: Cedar, Sandalwood
Zodiac: 15-19 degrees of Cancer
Metal: Tin / Plutonium / Iron
Strong: 8th to 12th July
Rank: President / Earl / Prince
Time: Day
Element: Water
Tarot Card: 3 of Cups
Mother: Nephthys
Father: Osiris
Half-Brother: Horus
Enn: Desa an Ipos Ayer

[Image: anubis%20sigil.png]
Anubis rules over 36 legions of lower-ranked, but powerful demons.

He is a great leader & guide, and he is a great protector and healer.

Anubis is a master in divination. He sees the past, present, and future and he can even reveal hidden treasures. 

He can appear as a very tall man with tanned skin. 

He can help you with your confidence, intuition, charisma, and courage.

He can appear as an angel with a lion or jackal head.

[Image: anubis-statue.jpg]

Evocation / Invocation:
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Anubis Hear My Words!
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Anubis Come To Me!
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Anubis Come Forth!
Desa an Ipos Ayer.
Anubis Lead And Guide Me Through My Life.
I Honor You.
I Honor Anubis.
I Honor Ipos.
You, The Great Jackal-Headed God.
God of Death, I Honor And Respect You.
Hear My Call, Anubis.
Hear My Call, Anubis.
Come to me!
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]

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