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[Image: archons%20demiurge.png]

Beings with just one goal: Preventing the awakening of the world. Low vibrating (worthless) creatures that are direct servants of the Demiurge (the fake god and creator of the physical universe).
Religions worship this one fake creator god, and he feeds off these energies. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are used to control the masses and deliver energies to the fake god.

Archons feed off negative emotions and at the same time they are the “angels” of the fake god. Tricky entities that manipulate humans. Whenever someone sees and talks to an angel, it’s most of the times an Archon that just pretends to be of good nature.

In fact, Archons are full of bad emotions, and that’s why they are low vibrating beings. Don’t misunderstand me –real “angels” exist, but the real angels are not the ones from the three main religions.

Believing in the three main religions is like letting a door open, so, the Archons can fully influence and manipulate the religious people.
Archons are the anti-awakening force that doesn’t want you to realize your true potentials, true powers, and true past.

You are not just a human. You are much more than that, you are a powerful soul trying to ascend and finally get to the level of a god, and even from this level you can still ascend and don’t ever believe anything less than that.

They lust after rape and violence, they don’t use fear, but ignorance to keep you down. Their goal is to keep you ignorant about your true origins beyond the physical matrix universe.
I know Archons too much. They’re making you angry, sad, suicidal, and insane. This is why it’s crucial for your life and your spirituality to clean your soul and meditate on your aura of protection a few times every day.

It’s crucial to dedicate your soul to Lucifer which means getting his protection in exchange for your dedication and loyalty. Your soul needs this special protection and support from Father Lucifer.
When people die, they see a Light, and that is the false light. The Archons are using this false light to trick their victims.

Archons try to break you and get you to the point where you want to commit suicide. Don’t let them control you or influence your life. Dedicate your soul and protect yourself on a daily basis.
The Archons are also inserting spiritual implants into our soul bodies or the outer parts of our soul. That way they can influence and control you even easier.

Archons surround people, but often they are inside of people. When you’re more sensitive, you can feel their evil looks, and it’s uncomfortable being close to their presence.

They should not be underestimated, but also not overestimated.

Protect yourself!

~ Infernal  Satan
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