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Caim AKA Camio Demon
Zodiac Position: 20-24 degrees of Sagittarius

Date: December 12th-16th

Tarot Card: 10 of Rods

Plant: Centaurea

Metal: Gold/Mercury

Planet: Sun/Mercury

Element: Fire/Air

Rank: President

Demonic Enn: Tasa on ca Caim renich

Camio is a night demon and governs over 30 legion of inferior spirits. He was once of the Order of the Angels. He is also known as Caym and Caim.

He can teach you how to communicate with Animals.

Cain can foresee future and tell you the things awaiting for you.

He can teach you Astral projection.

He can help you with mastering pyromancy and Hydromancy.

He can make the witch a Good debater.

He can teach you dream magick.

Caim appears as a black bird first but after the request of witch, he transforms to a well built man with wings having Golden Bands.
He has aura of Golden colour which is extremely powerful. He holds a sharp sword in his hand.
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]

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