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Forum Rules
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Alpha Satan is not just a forum, it's home to all spiritual people and especially to those who want to advance and get to the next spiritual level. We do not want to over-restrict discussions, and we give our members as much freedom as possible. We are always open to your suggestions (can be made in the "Suggestions"-category). The staff of Alpha Satan is here to help, and it may happen that they are making mistakes along the way, but they are also just humans trying their best to give you the best possible experience on Alpha Satan. Please consider this before sending any harsh messages. Be reasonable to the staff and other members and the same will be given back to you.


1. Please don't post LQ (low quality)  posts. 
These are considered as LQ posts:

- Spam.
Irrelevant or not on topic.
- Abusive language.
- Contains links promoting other websites.
- modified or LQ e-books.
- Bumping.

2. Adult discussions are absolutely allowed.

3. No privacy violation. You are not allowed to post other members personal or business information anywhere on the forum.

4. No advertising or selling of any kind without Premium Seller Membership. It's not allowed to promote other websites in your shares.

5. Don't impersonate members of the staff in any way.

6. Don't create multiple accounts. Anyone caught using multiple-accounts will be banned instantly.

7. If you're banned permanently, you'll lose all your groups.

8. Don't abuse the report function. Reporting posts or users without any reason will not be accepted. 

9. It is not allowed to ask for reputations.

10. Do not exploit any bugs or vulnerabilities in the forum. Please report any forum bugs or vulnerabilities to one of our staff members immediately.

11. You are not allowed to promote other forums or websites by any means.

12. No mentor request threads are to be posted on Alpha Satan. Instead, a mentor can make a thread, and members can respond to those, but as a member, you may not create a thread requesting a mentor.

13. No Skype, Telegram, FaceBook, Whatsapp Etc. Groups allowed, it only leads to scams and upsells thus it's prohibited.

14. You may not share or trade alpha satan premium accounts.

Any Questions?
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the rules.

Thanks a lot.
Your Alpha Satan staff.
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