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I am going to start this topic to here to start the conversation with other members of the board. My topic is hobbies. Every person has hobbies which he/she like to enjoy in free time to have and create beautiful memories. I love to enjoy traveling, photography, cooking and reading in my free time. What are your favorite hobbies? Will anyone likes to talk about them here?
Great idea, I like to help people and guide them through difficult situations. My hobby is also my lifestyle and passion. I work on my spirituality and share knowledge to others. Besides that I am cooking, travelling a lot, and creating my own music, which I will one time release, but at the moment it stays as a private project.
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Infernal , It is seriously good to read about your hobbies here. Helping te humanity is something really good. To help the needy people is the virtual deed. On the other hand, cooking, traveling and create music are also some best things to spend the time happily. Let me know which sort f travel places grab your attention towards them?
Hey there! I like to spend Time alone on either a hill station or beside sea. Music is one of my hobby but unlike Infernal i aint going to release anything lol. I also work to help and guide every occultist out there. When I am bored. I like to read occult books.
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My hobbies have changed since massive knee surgery. I love cats. Hobbies include walks, reading, watching movies . I also play in the SCA. I learned a lot of textile arts.

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