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How To Get Started - Spirituality & Awakening
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Welcome to a new life!

It’s time to change and improve your life, your inner self, and your future destiny.
You’re about to become very powerful, and on this path, you will discover your true purpose and your inner potentials.

It’s a very difficult and dangerous path as fighting for the truth is difficult and dangerous. The world is awakening, and you are part of this transformational awakening.

Everyone, who is reading this, is meant for this path. You’re meant to be extremely powerful and completely free.
You cannot expect instant gratifications on this path, but you can expect a world beyond limits and massive spiritual growth.

Once you are on this path, there is no turning back. It is your true destiny to reach your highest potentials.
Meditate on a daily basis and keep practicing everything you’ve learned on Alpha Satan.

If you want to reach true greatness, then you need to do the things most people wouldn’t do.

When other people wouldn’t meditate after work, school, or a busy day, then you will meditate and don’t cry about not having time – CREATE TIME.

Don’t bring up excuses as this is your life and your destiny. This is nothing you should joke about, and you should not take it lightly.

Your spirituality has the highest priority in your life, and Alpha Satan will help you along the line.
How To Get Started:

Do at least 2 Chakra Meditations EVERY DAY.
Do at least 1 Invocation or Spell Work EVERY DAY.
Document your meditations by creating and updating your “Spiritual Journey”-thread.
Create threads about your experiences with invoked entities in the “Discussions, Experiences & Paranormal Activities”-thread.
I started my journey by opening my third eye first, and below I list everything that I’ve practiced when I was a beginner.

12 x Third Eye Meditations EVERY DAY.
Listened for 6 hours Third Eye Binaural Beats.
Listened to 8-hour Third Eye Sleep Binaural Beats.
1 – 2 Spiritual Cleanings EVERY DAY.
1 – 3 Golden Aura of Protection EVERY DAY.
Some people prefer to meditate less, and that’s fine as long as you follow at least the steps at “How To Get Started.”

Some people experience good results within years, months, weeks, days or even hours.

It’s important that you understand that we all are different and some might not see any results for a long time, but you need to keep pushing forward and know that it will pay off!

You just need to keep your focus on what you are doing. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, but focus on your meditations every day.

I’ve seen people not having results for many years, and at some point, they had a breakthrough and discovered new powers they didn’t even know that they exist.

Always remember that you are with us and you are part of Alpha Satan. You are never alone, and things might get hard, but stay strong and believe in your own greatness and believe in the greatness of the true Gods!

~ Infernal 
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