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How to activate your pineal gland
How to activate your pineal gland 
The pineal gland is one of the endocrine glands, and it is the gateway to spiritual experiences. It controls hormones, the effects of our body function, emotions and energy. 

The pineal gland is a spiritual eye, and a pineal gland activation increases your focus. It is also used to increase your astral senses like see, hearing, knowing, feeling, etc. the astral.

The pineal gland activation is part of ancient spiritual traditions and the third eye ( an extension of the pineal gland) is located between the eyebrows.

[Image: powerful%20pineal%20gland%20meditation.png]

Opening the third eye

The pineal gland is also known as the third eye in ancient culture. The pineal gland is the connection between our body and soul. The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain and it is very tiny. 

We gain higher consciousness through the pineal gland. After many years of regular meditation, the pineal gland grows in size. The third eye activation is improves your intuition, imagination, concentration, clarity, and focus.

The pineal gland activation gives a greater connection to the natural world and also it gives bliss. The third eye also opens the gateway to higher creativity.

A blocked third eye leads to disconnectivity, a lack of intuition and believe, and blocked astral senses. If you are vibrating your third eye, it increases your energy levels. 

While our physical eyes help us to see the physical world, the third eye helps us to see the true spiritual world.

Ways to activate the pineal gland

There are some ways that ancient cultures have used to activate the pineal gland.

Sun gazing
Sun gazing is one method to activate your pineal gland. The sun is known as the great source of power. You should gaze gently at the first few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset. It helps you to boost your energy in the pineal gland.

Regular meditation
Meditation helps to activate the pineal gland. It is a great way of improving your third eye powers, and it helps to directly connect to the truth and everything. Through meditation, you can also improve your intuition level.

Various types of breathing meditations help to activate the pineal gland. Breathing meditations also stimulate the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid. 

Tapping your forehead gently in between your eyebrows helps to create some vibrations in your third eye. It directly sends the wave to the pineal gland, and the same vibration awakens the hypothalamus. It is an ancient method to activate the pineal gland.

Smiling gives you happiness, and it is also creating vibrations in your organs. Laughing reduces stress and pain, and it opens both heart and crown chakras. Happiness and relaxation increase the blood flow, and it also has positive effects to your pineal gland.  

Check out our meditations on the pineal gland and third eye.
~ Infernal 
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