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How to handle pain and bad emotions.
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How to handle pain 
and bad emotions.
Any pain or bad habit has its origin. When people hurt you in any way, you need to send it back. If you keep it, the negativity will drain your energies off, and it can destroy you emotionally.

Don’t do that to yourself as you don’t deserve that. Send the negativity back, so, you can be free of it.

You could handle the negativity on your own by going through a process of suffering, but that would hold you back from being happy.

And more importantly, why should you suffer when someone else is hurting you? Just send these negative energies and emotions back!

Sometimes we try to justify the negative/hurtful actions of other people, but it cannot and should not be justified.

You do not deserve being hurt. Just send it back because that’s what they deserve.

How To Return Negative Energies & Emotions

  1. Go to Powerful Attack – Evil Curse, Hex, and Attack
  2. Let all your negative energies and emotions out during the attack. Let it all out. If needed scream, cry, whatever, but let it all out and send all negative emotions and energies back.
  3. Follow up with the Soul & Aura Cleaning and do one Golden Aura of Protection Meditation.
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