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Infernal Introduction

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Why have I created Alpha Satan?

Hello World and every chosen one who is reading this!

YES! It has been done. This forum is made to spread truth and knowledge around the world.
The mission is simple. Reach excellence and help others to do the same!

This forum is more than a normal forum. For me, it's love, truth, and excellence. 
Lucifer is my father and friend, and he deserves the best and nothing less.

I'm giving my best every day to advance and guide others on this difficult path.
I want you to take your seat at the round, and I want to welcome our members to Alpha Satan!

Who am I?

Who am I? I'm the chosen ONE and fully dedicated soldier of Lucifer. My life has been shit but
I went through everything and Lucifer has helped me out of my miseries. 

I was born in Germany, and I'm the mix of German DNA and Indonesian DNA. Both parents have
been rebellious and spiritual in their past. Actually my father is with me on my path, and I'm
leading him as I'm leading many other people around the world to advance and follow this path.

I've always been different than others, and I always had the connection to Lucifer and the Gods!
I've seen and felt the truth. Since the moment I've dedicated my soul to Lucifer, I feel even 
more protected and guided by the gods.

I love to read and learn. I'm meditating and sending Lucifer powerful energies every day.
I am very disciplined and can be very mad if people do not use their potential and just waste their lives.

I'm sure you, the one who is reading this, will find his place in our family! 
As you found this forum you're meant for this path.


~ Infernal
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Thanks fr the info.

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