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I'm german and 57 years young. I was travelling a few years in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia 25 years ago. At that time I was at the peak of my life. But when back in Germany and my job the system caught me again. Spirituality then I lost more and more. Although there was always a bit left. I feel that I have to wake it up again because my feelings tell me that I'm someone special with something really big to fulfil. I came in touch with Lucifer and the united gods by my son who is already working with them for a long time. I'm very proud of him creating this forum. Now I try to follow him. Since months I tried to open my chakras but cannot. We now found out that there are entities blocking them and we have to work on it because I want to improve my spirituality.
I meditate every morning and evening and did a ritual with Nyarlathotep and Eligos for eight days. I now feel as if I need to talk to the gods every day and give them presents like wine, candles, incense, flowers, ... .
I like listening to music, playing the electric guitar and hopefully I will finally begin to play the sitar that I brought from India.
I'm looking forward to learn to know others and sharing the knowledge with each other.

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The Gods will be always with you. Keep pushing forward and never lose faith!

HAIL Nyarlathotep & Azathoth.

~ Infernal
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Hii!! I am new here, I would say this community looking very informative and amazing. I want to explore informative stuff from here. Because I think this is best place for learning something and sharing something. I would say I'll share my informative and reasonable stuff. And I hope you guys also share with me your informative stuff here.
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