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Invocation of Gods, Angels & Demons
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Invocation of Gods, Angels & Demons

During an invocation, you are taking one or more spirit(s) into yourself. Invocations and evocations are two different things if you want to know more about it I want you to click here.

An invocation can be a very intense experience, and it may happen that your voice changes, you’re getting very hot and that’s normal as it’s just the power of the spirit.

Some people experience pure bliss and happiness, and each experience is unique. You might also get influenced and if you ask they will even possess you.
Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. Demons are not evil, and they don’t want your soul, but they are expecting honesty and loyalty.

If you’re just searching for a quick way to get more money and power, then this is not for you.
To be honest, they are not demons, but they are wonderful and powerful gods that are ready to help you in your ascension progress.

Invoking Lucifer before you invoke any other spirit is very recommended as he will assist and guide you if it’s needed.

You can invoke spirits everytime you’re doing rituals and spell works. However, you need to follow the steps below:
1.      Meditate on your third-eye and pineal gland.

2.      Burn some incense (preferably an incense the spirit likes.)

3.      Light up a candle ( preferable the candle has the spirit’s favorite color.)

4.      Let the incense and candle burn for ~ 15 minutes. (It’s releasing energy and makes it easier for the spirit to “come over.”)

5.      Get into a trance state during those ~15 minutes.

6.      Chant the Enn of the God 10 times or more. (You can find most Enns when you browse through the “The Gods & Demons”- forum.)

7.      Communicate with the spirit.

What if I cannot hear/see/feel the spirit?

The spirit can understand you and are present and listen if you have followed the steps above. I recommend offering each spirit one candle and just talk to them and tell them you give you a sign or give you a message in your dreams.
~ Infernal
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Hi, do you have a thread about Initiation? If not, could you please make one?
(04-08-2019, 11:14 PM)Bloud Wrote: Hi, do you have a thread about Initiation? If not, could you please make one?

Yes, I can make a post about it.
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