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Its real
Thinking  A Psychic (name excluded) once told my Wife that when I was young, had fallen in a lake and was pulled out by another young boy had never seen before and that he quickly vanished.  And that this boy was my Spirit Guide.  She asked me why had never mentioned it to her before and told her had forgotten all about it.

? The same Psychic told me my Late Father was watching down on the 3 of us.  We told him theres only 2.  Then s few months later, get a call.  The caller said they found me on Social Media, and that her mother just confessed her real Father is mine.  Had to call my Uncle, he remembers her and confirmed my Father always thought she was his Daughter but Mother insisted it was her Boyfriend's Daughter.  Afterwards, we both linked up with dna match on ancestry website.  Psychic was right again.

This goes to show you if anything, external forces are here and you can communicate with them.
Awesome Experience ! I feel like I should share more of my stories as well Smile Here and on youtube as well.

Many Blessings!

- Anewbiz
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