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Love Spells: Strong Love Magic Spell
[Image: Sex%20Love%20Magick%20Spell.png]
Love Spells: Strong Love Spell

Love Spells are very powerful if you’re using Sex Magic. By directing your sexual energies into your target’s soul, you can ignite lust and love. This is an easy but effective, strong love spell.

Love Spell Phase 1 Steps:

1.      Masturbate or have Sex with a demon/ess or person/s.
2.      Once you’ve hit the point of climax, visualize your target’s body and aura being surrounded by white-golden energy (If you feel the need you can visualize the energy in your preferred color).
3.      At the moment you’re surrounding your target’s body and aura with your energy you program that energy with a short, precise, in present tense written affirmation.

Example Affirmation:

“..Target’s name.. is intensely in love with ..Your name.. and desires ..Your name.. sexually!”
Info: You may replace Your name with “me” or your name which I would recommend.

Love Spell Phase 2 Steps:

1.      While you’re in a trance state, you visualize your target’s light body and pull it.
2.      Program your target’s light body.


“..Target’s name.. you desire ..Your name.. and love ..Your name.. intensely every day. ..Your name.. is totally irresistible for you.

Info: Your name may be replaced with “me” or “I am”.

èThe last sentence could also be: “I am totally irresistible for you.”

Love Spell Tips:
-         Do this while your target is asleep.
-         Your intentions must be strong.
-         Being in a trance state is recommended.
-         Repeating this Love Magic Spell is recommended.

I hope you've liked the way I've structured this thread and I hope you'll have great success with this love spell.


~ Infernal aka ~ a new biz
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]
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