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Love Spells That Work - How to cast Love Spells
Love Spells That Work - How to cast Love Spells

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Love Spells

Red Candle
Red Cotton or Ribbon
Fire of Love oil
Needle or knife
Before we start you say:
“I open the gates of unlimited love to let ………….. love me”
You need to charge each ingredient
Hold your palms over the ingredient
Visualize how white-golden light
Is coming from your crown chakra and third eye
through your heart chakra and then out of your hands
into the ingredient
For each ingredient you chant
“I charge this ingredient with the fire of unconditional love”
Inscribe the name of your target into the red candle
Rub the Fire of Love Oil from the bottom to the top
Rub the cinnamon on the candle
Light it up and drip the wax on your plate
Make a circle and place the hibiscus on it
Then place the candle in the center
Take the red cotton or ribbon
And put it around the candle
“With unconditional love
……………. Come to me
By the powers of trust and above
Together with me is what you want to be
So, mote it be”
And also say:
“I attract you to me.
I bind our love.
With the powers of my love
I empower this spell.
………….. loves me
I speak this into existence
So mote it be.”
Let your love out and speak out of your heart
This spell is working without any darkness.
I hope you like this spell.
Please don’t use this spell on someone
who’s already in a relationship
as this would backfire this spell.
Have fun manifesting love in your life.
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