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Money Spells: Fast Money Spells
Money Spells: Fast Money Spells

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Money Spells

This is a new biz
Mint Oil or Eucalyptus Oil
Silver Coin
Green Candle
Before you start the spell, you say:
“I open the gates of infinite prosperity and unlimited abundance of money into my life now.”
You need to charge each ingredient
Hold your palms over the ingredient
Visualize how white-golden light
Is coming from your crown chakra and third eye
through your heart chakra and then out of your hands
into the ingredient
For each ingredient you chant
“I charge this ingredient with the powerful energy of financial abundance”
Write down the amount of money you need
Scratch 3 times into the candle with the silver coin
Take the silver coin into the middle of the paper
And fold the paper towards you
Rub the oil from the bottom to the top
Rub the cinnamon on the candle from the bottom to the top
Light up the candle
visualize your desired outcome
And what you would buy with the money
Visualize like you have already received the money
Visualize already having that desired car, tv, holiday trip,
whatever you want to buy with the money
visualize it
Let your will and thoughts manifest
Bend the sides of your paper over
So, you get a nice package
Take the candle and drip the wax on your package
To seal it
And while you’re doing that you say
“Money, Prosperity, come to me,
Money, I achieve,
Harming none,
Money Come,
So, mote it be”
Let the wax cool down and make sure it stays closed
Now, let your candle burn
You can pray over this spell with forces of light or darkness
Both sides work great on this.
However, it is not needed for the spell to work.
This, is, a working spell
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I attracted money with this magic spell
Have fun manifesting unlimited amounts of money in your life.
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