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Most Intense Paranormal Experience
[Image: ghost%20in%20a%20bottle.jpg]
picture credit goes to DismalFiction

What was your most intense paranormal experience?

I start.  Devil  I had 2 very intense experiences. 1 I got after my dedication ritual. I've dedicated myself to Lucifer and I've asked father Lucifer to give me an extreme sign that he accepts my dedication and that it worked 100%... Later this night Lucifer visited me in my dream in the form of a snake and he chased me down and bit into my thumb and it hurt so much I instantly woke up and I felt the pain for more than 15 minutes after I got awake. It was intense but wonderful pain. Hail father Lucifer!  Satan 

I had my second most intense paranormal experience during an initiation and possession. I've felt this entity (that doesn't want to be named here) so intensely; I will never forget it. He changed my voice, behavior and influenced my sight. I suddenly could see his face in the person next to me and it shifted to other faces. He has shifted his face every 5-10 seconds.

What is the most intense paranormal experience you have had?
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