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Most Recent Contact With The Gods
[Image: occult%20knowledge%20gods%20demons%20ghosts.png]

It’s Infernal, and I’m very motivated about the network and how much the Gods love this network and all the forums and categories.

This is the first thread in the Infernal Lounge, and I want to get started by posting the Gods I’ve worked with in the last three days.

-         Lucifer
-         Astaroth
-         Bael
-         Azazel
-         Eligos
-         Leviathan
-         Lucifer (another spellwork)
-         Set

Now, let's get this going! 

Tell me about the Gods you’ve worked with in the last few days, and if you can only answer this question with 0, then I want you to visit the “The Gods & Demons” – Forum and get in touch with at least 1 God.


~ Infernal
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]
I have worked with 2 high ranking gods the last 4 days. Lucifer and Eligos. I will continue so the next 4 days.
Hail Lucifer.
Hail Eligos.
Hail All United Gods.
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