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Powerful Pineal Gland Meditation
[Image: powerful%20pineal%20gland%20meditation.png]

Powerful Pineal Gland Meditation

Pineal Gland Meditation

If you have already activated your Crown Chakra, Pineal Gland, and Third-Eye Chakra this meditation is most powerful. White-gold energy is the most powerful color as it’s the color of the sun.

1.      Sit down and get into a deep trance state

2.      Visualize white-gold energy flowing to your pineal gland with each inhale and with each exhale it’s building up and expanding a powerful white-golden energy ball that’s surrounding your pineal gland.

3.      Affirm that this white-golden energy ball is powerful and with each inhale it’s getting stronger, stimulating your pineal gland: “With each inhale I breath in white-gold energy that is stimulating my pineal gland.”

4.      Trust your intuition on how often you should repeat these steps and repeat the steps 1-3 as often as you feel comfortable.
~ Infernal  Satan
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