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RAUM - Demon/God - Collector of Secrets
[Image: raum%20demon%20angel%20god.png]
Raum – Collector of Secrets
Color: Black, Red

Element: Air


Rank: Earl

Time: Night

Animal: Crow

Planet: Mars, Saturn

Metal: Silver, Lead, Iron

Plant: Thistle

Incense: Dragon’s Blood

Tarot Card: Three of Sword, Five Pentacles

Dates: 21st to 30th April, 8th to 12th October

Zodiac: Taurus

Chant/Enn: Furca Na Alle Laris Raum

Powers: Divination, Theft

[Image: 40-Raum_seal%20(1).png]
[Image: 40-Raum_seal.png]

He rules 30 legions of spirits, and he appears as a crow, but when asked he can take on human form. He collects secrets, and he can also steal treasures, which might mean that he can steal knowledge.

He can assist you in big legal battles. When you invoke Raum, he will teach you how to find inner personal strength when everything else is against you.

He can create love between everyone, even enemies.
~ Infernal  Demon
[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]

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