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Third Eye Meditation: Opening the Third Eye
[Image: thirdeye.jpg]


You need to do this meditation 6 days in a row, and once your third eye is open, you need to continue meditating to completely unleash its powers.

1. You may sit, lay down or stay as long as your spine is naturally straight.

2. You may empower your meditation with a third eye hand posture.

[Image: thirdeyeposture.jpg]

How to do it: 
Take your right hand's fingers around your left-hand index finger and press the nail of your right hand's thumb onto the middle of index fingers nail.

3. Breath in deeply and on the exhale you vibrate "AUM". 

How do I vibrate it? 
Slowly release your breath while vibrating "AHHHHHHHH-UUUUUUUUU-MHHHHHHHHHH". 

It sounds like: 

Take your time with each vibration and release your breath slowly.

4. Relax after you've done all steps 6 times.

5. Imagine a bright white-gold color coming out of your third eye.

Where is my third eye? 
The third eye is positioned in the center of your forehead slightly above the middle of your eyebrows.

[Image: thirdeyeposition.jpg]

6. Some people feel overwhelmed after completing those steps. However, I was doing this meditation as much and long as it feels good. In one meditation session you can do one round of Step 1 to 5, but if you feel it's right for you to do more, then please do more rounds.

7. Do this third eye meditation for 6 days in a row.

What can I expect from doing this 6 days in a row? 
Don't expect anything but just know it works for you. You may get a headache and feel pressure in your forehead area. This is actually a good sign as it means that energy is getting released. 

Now, everybody is different, and your experiences with this meditation may vary from other peoples success stories. 

However, I can tell you what I've felt after this meditation.
I've felt a strong pressure inside of my forehead, and I kept doing more rounds of the steps 1 to 5, and I ended up doing 20 rounds per day (just do this if you still feel good as overdoing it can harm you, and that can make you sick and stressed out). At the end of my meditation session I've had a strong headache, and after 3 days of meditation, I saw some flashing lights with closed eyes.

8. After those 6 days, you're not done at all as you need to keep meditating to fully open your third eye. 

How do I keep meditating on my third eye?
Close your eyes, and while your eyes are closed you look up to your third eye as much as you can without it being uncomfortable. Get your full attention on your third eye.

[Image: PTu4TeW.gif]

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