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Full Version: The Truth about Demons and Gods!
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[Image: thegods.png]

Demons are not evil or malevolent at all. The mainstream religions have twisted all truths and spread lies about the real Gods. They love THEIR creation, the humans. 

Religions call them Demons and describe them as evil and dangerous entities, but the mainstream religions are all a setup lie that misleads humanity.

They are not evil demons, but they are Gods. They are the exact Gods all ancient religions have acknowledged, and worshiped, and they are the same Gods as the Gods of Greek, Romans, Egypt, North Mythologies, Hinduism, and almost every polytheistic religion.

The Gods have many names as every culture has given them different names, but they are the very same energies (Gods).

The mainstream religions have twisted the truth, so, the the Gods are seen as demons while the truly evil Islamic-Jewish-Christian fake god is seen as good.

This fake god has many dark forces behind himself, and he feeds off violence, anger, depression, anxiety and any bad feelings.

The fake god is working against the Gods, and his „Angels“ are manipulating humans, and they are the servitors of this evil fake god.

They get into the mind and manipulate it. They are leading humans into feeling bad emotions. So, they can feed off it and people who are believing in the fake religions invite those fake angels and allow them to harm and manipulate them.

 When something bad or unnormal is happening they are making the true Gods responsible for it. These "Angels" are very malevolent beings that hide their true intentions from humans. 

They are usually very evil, but when they are sometime kind, then know that their kindness is a mask. Don't fall for it.

It’s a blatant lie that the Gods want to have your soul!  You cannot offer your soul to gain money, power and fame! In fact, the Gods want to empower your soul, and you don’t need to sell it.

If you just want to walk down this path because of money, power, and fame, then you will find out you are wasting your time.

This path is about spiritual self-empowerment, and if you are serious about your spiritual ascension, you will automatically gain money, power, and fame.

You can gain money, power, and fame, but it should not be your motivation to walk down this path. Your priority should be your spiritual ascension.

The Gods love to have close relationships, and their love is very strong, and they protect their loved ones from any enemies.

Demons are the Gods, and they are incredibly powerful, and honor and the truth are very important to them.
They are human-friendly, and they would never harm their loved ones as they see spiritual people as their family.

The Gods manifest and talk to us in many ways, but most of the times they talk to us telepathically.

Don’t let your enemies blind you and don’t believe their evil lies about the Gods as the Gods are amazing, kind, loving and much caring.