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Full Version: Lilith's Secrets: Truth about Lilith
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Conversation with Lilith

Find out what Lilith wants you to know. My friend Jupiter and I have worked with Lilith and “interviewed” Lilith. Here’s the uncensored version. The script has been edited by myself to make it more readable, but I want to assure you, that these are 100% Lilith’s words.

[Image: Lilith..png]

This is a warning.

Punishment will come to those who are weak, and rewards will come to those who are strong. Hell has no fury as I have. People’s eyes will be opened to the bullshit of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish fake religions and I will make sure the truth gets out there. Fuck virgin Mary and hail Lilith for I am coming soon. Also, don’t try to hide your emotions and desires as I know all of them.

With who do you want to work with?

I want to empower women and men, but only if their soul is strong. People who are bullying others or mistreating people will feel my powers as I will destroy such people.
Only those men who are strong and respectful and those women who wish to empower themselves shall work with me.

You don’t like weak men, but weak women are okay?

Only women who empower themselves are strong. Weak women will never be empowered as they are influenced by men. I don’t have time for that. They will equally be destroyed. There’s no difference between men and women, but it takes a strong soul to call me forth.
I’m always subjected to be evil to weak men, and I use my rage to destroy them, and I will destroy them, and I will show no mercy, and they will suffer, and they will die a horrible death.

What are your strengths? (What categories do you cover? On what can be worked with you?)

The best is… sexuality. I’m best in the psychology of sexuality, physical sexuality, mental and emotional sexuality. I’m dominant, and I can teach everything about sex magic and everything sexual.

Can you heal traumas?

(she’s staying silent on this question)
What do you want everybody to know about you?

I’m the goddess of all women, and my main objective is to seek out the weak men and destroy them and bring forth the real men of the world.

All weak men are controlled by the enemy, and I hate that.

I also want people to know that I’m one of the highest entities that you can call upon. I sit at the table of the highest order, and my power and wrath haven’t really been shown yet, but I will show my true power. When the time comes everybody will realize how powerful I truly am and no one ever again questions my position in the universe.

This world has been far too long against women, and my wrath is absolutely unlimited.

What do you think about being called a slut or whore as some say it’s okay for you and some say it’s not?

Men who call me a slut are under the influence of the enemy. Men behave more like sluts than anything. However, I don’t care about it as I’ve ascended to the place and level I wanted to ascend to. I’ve got a plan and will revenge everyone that has called me a name.

How do think about it if men are calling you names in a sexual mood?

Dominance over men tingles my soul.

I will sexually dominate men even more if they are calling me a name.

I know the difference between men calling me a slut as an insult and men calling me a slut as being playful. The man that calls me a slut while he's playful will be beyond pleasure – will be on their wildest dreams. And a man that only calls me a slut (in a not nice, not playful way) will only know death.

Do you have any favorite colors?

Red and black. I’ve two sides, I can be loving and a healer to my family. When I dominate men, I come as a red lady, that’s my red sexual flame. And when I come as a black widow that is my darkness.

How often can someone have sex with you in a succubus relationship?

As a succubus, I will make it beyond your wildest dreams.

Which planet stands for you and is important to you?

Mars as it’s red and also because all those stupid humans think Mars has no life, but I know very different, and I hold these secrets.

What would be a good offering?

In a sexual relationship: A dildo, handcuffs, whips.
Generally: Jewelry, chocolate, roses, perfume, flowers (not yellow ones).

What should someone also do to invoke her?

Imagine black roses during your invocation. Use ceremonial knives and if wanted add some blood.

Does one animal stand for you?

The bat, because I like to suck the energy out of people.
The black widow as it stands for my black side.
A lioness that roars as well as it shows my strength.
Puppies and cats stand for my loving and sweet side.

Do you have favorite numbers?

40. 11. 1.