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[Image: is%20Lucifer%20the%20same%20as%20satan.png]

This article is for you if you have ever asked yourself this question and you finally want a "correct" answer.
Now, there might be other opinions opposing my opinion, but my answer to this question is "my truth".
I've felt Lucifer very strong, and he has protected me many times. Therefore, I know his energy very well.
Satan is like the darker and sometimes more aggressive version of Lucifer, but I tell you they are still the same
and at the same time they are different. They are both from the same original energy. 
This example might sound childish but this way I can explain everything to you.
Now, imagine you would have a big chocolate cake, and you make 16 slices
out of that one cake. Now let's put each slice into a different box. You give away these 16 boxes to 16 children.
Each child has gotten one box, and they all are taking it to school where they are in different classes and have different friends.
These children have a strange habit; they give their slices names. Names like Lucifer, Satan, Enki, EA, Shiva, Odin, Zeus, Amun-Ra, etc.
One child has put out the one slice he called Satan and wanted to start eating it, but his friends told him this chocolate cake
is making you sick and you're going to vomit when you will eat it and guess what happens?
He believed his friends and his beliefs made him vomit the sh!t out of himself, but the cake was all fine.
Another slice was called Lucifer, and again the friends gave their opinion on that slice of cake. This time they have said that this cake 
will give him more power during the whole day and will give him much luck and that's what has happened.
Both kids had one slice of cake each, but they had different experiences. Now every time this one kid brings another chocolate cake to school
the other kids already prejudge the cake, and more and more people believe it.
All slices (energies - beings) were made out of one cake (original energy source). 
Our expectations and beliefs do influence energies. If people tell you that you are sh!t every day of your life then at some point you might
accept that as those people affirmed that. Now imagine millions or even billions of people believing and spreading the same lie.
That's how people got confused about that and started saying these are different beings. Lucifer and Satan are both coming from the same
energy source, but they have progressed in different directions, but they have still many similarities. 
Now, I want to ask the Gods for forgiveness as I didn't want to compare them with slices of cake but I think they're understanding.
Let me know if this explanation has helped you and let me know your thoughts in the post section below. 
~ Infernal

What are Enns?

Enns are like special sentences in the almost completely unknown language of the Gods.
We got no knowledge about them and there might be some grammar mistakes but the
Enns that are posted on Alpha Satan are working perfectly.

You shouldn't be too much concerned about the spelling as only your intention counts.

If you would like to use Enns, then you should go to THE GODS & DEMONS (CLICK HERE) -forum
and just click on the God of your choice and if there exists an Enn for this God, it is included on the God's page.

If you have any questions, then you can ask them in the Helpdesk Section (CLICK HERE).

[Image: abigor.jpg]
Eligos is also known as Eligor or Abigor.

Abigor is good at everything that is about business, war or legal problems.

Eligos Facts:

Color: Yellow
Plant: Thyme
Element: Air
Metal: Copper
Rank: Duke
Tarot: 9 of swords
Planet: Venus
[Image: Eligos.gif]

It's good to contact Eligos during the day instead of evening/night.

Abigor's Enn: Aylan Abigor Tasa Uan On Ca

Eligos's Enn: Jedan On Ca Eligos Inan

[Image: eligor.jpg]

Image Sources:

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know below.

~ Infernal

They have lied to you! Satan, the devil of this world that just wants evil and death is a setup lie. Our enemies ( mostly religions) have done everything possible to destroy Satans Reputation and what he really stands for. Satan is everything; he is also both feminine and masculine. 

They tried to let him look bad in every way, but the truth is, everything is upside down. It's all a lie, and they want you to take part in it, but you are here very close to Satan / Lucifer and his truth.
Lucifer's energy is just mind blowing, and he is very kind and has an extremely intense aura that feels so positive. His presence is magnificent. 

Here are some pictures of Satan / Lucifer / Enki / EA:

[Image: lucifersatan.jpg]

[Image: satan.gif][Image: lucifer.jpg]

Picture Sources:

Religions don't want you to meditate. Why are they trying to convince you that meditation is bad? The ugly truth is they are trying to stop you
from advancing. Lucifer is not evil, and he doesn't need anyone's soul. When you ask him if he wants your soul, he just laughs and asks why he
should take anyone's soul? It's all a made up story.

In fact, Lucifer / Satan is the energy that flows through your body, and it is called the Kundalini Serpent. This serpent exist within every human being,
and it is a snake that you can help to rise. Meditation helps in rising your Kundalini which leads to better health, wealth, happiness, positive changes
connection to the universe and all gods and so much more. 

Religions and the ones who try to control the world / humans, are manipulating you and setting up lies to keep you away from making spiritual progress.
Lucifer / Satan and the Gods are trying to help this universe, but we need to accept and appreciate their help. They will only positively influence you if you
are demanding it as the Gods don't want to force anything upon you.

Lucifer / Satan is fair, kind, patient, loving and protective. If you are loyal to him and honest, then he will lead you. It's on you what you think about Lucifer
but he is not evil at all. 

Lucifer is also called Amun-Ra the Sun-God, and he has many names as many cultures have appreciated his powers and positive energies and every culture 
has given him new names.

Important Information about Lucifer / Satan / Enki / Amun-Ra /...

His day is Sunday.

His numbers are 4,8,13,66,88,666.

His zodiac signs are Capricorn and Aquarius

His planets are Venus and Uranus.

His Direction is South-East, but South or East is good as well.

His favorite colors are red, blue and black.

Lucifer's Enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
Satan's Enn: Tasa Reme Iaris Satan Ave Satanis

His Sigil is:

[Image: lucifersigil.png]

Please ask your questions below, and I will be happy to answer your questions. Have I forgotten to mention something? Post your thoughts below!

~ Infernal

[Image: breathing%20meditation.jpeg]

Breathing Meditation:
Kumbhaka Lunar Breath

We got 2 sets of breathing exercises, and you should do each set for a few rounds. 

You do the first set for 4 rounds, and therefore you should also do the same amount of rounds (in this case 4 rounds) on the other set.

How many rounds should I make:
Beginner: Do these sets for 3 to 6 rounds
Intermediate & Advanced: As longs as you feel comfortable you can continue making more rounds.

Let's get started with the breathing meditation, shall we? Wink

The Breathing Meditation:

1st Set:
1. Breath in through your nose for 2 seconds.
2. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.
3. Exhale for 6 seconds.
4. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

Complete your 1st Set for xy rounds and when you are finished do the 2nd Set for the same amount of xy rounds as in your 1st set.

2nd Set:
1. Breath in through your nose for 6 seconds.
2. Hold your breath for 6 seconds.
3. Exhale for 4 seconds.
4. Don't hold it - just go to 1.

The rounds you make in your 1st Set equal the rounds you make in your 2nd Set.


[Image: thirdeyemeditation.jpeg]

The Sixth Chakra / 6th Chakra / Ajna Chakra / Third Eye Chakra


Third Eye Facts:

1. It's located directly beneath your crown chakra.
2. Its element is ether, and its number of petals is 2.
3. It looks like an indigo-blue crystal.
4. The chakra is ruled by the moon.
5. Moon = Its day is Monday.
6. Gender is female, and metal is silver
7. This chakra controls your psychic senses.
8. Opening it will strengthen your intuition.

The perfect time for meditating on your third eye is Monday in the hours of the moon.

Meditation Exercise:

1. Visualize your third eye as indigo-blue upside-down energy pyramid in the center of your head.
2. Do the "Kumbhaka Lunar Breath"-breathting meditation (click on the link to learn more about the Kumbhaka Lunar Breath).
3. Inhale and imagine energy flowing to your 6th chakra.
4. Exhale and slowly but loudly vibrate your chant several times.
5. Relax and feel the energy of your sixth chakra while imagining it as an indigo-blue upside down energy pyramid.


UU sounds like You

For beginners and intermediates:

Source: Necronomicon
Sounds like: EE-EE-N-N-N-NA-AH-AH-NA-AH-AH

Source: Traditional 
Chant: AUM
Sounds like: AH-AH-AH-UU-UU-UU-MH-MH-MH

For intermediates and advanced:

Source: Runic

Source: Sanskrit
Chant: THAUM

[Image: thirdeye.jpg]


You need to do this meditation 6 days in a row, and once your third eye is open, you need to continue meditating to completely unleash its powers.

1. You may sit, lay down or stay as long as your spine is naturally straight.

2. You may empower your meditation with a third eye hand posture.

[Image: thirdeyeposture.jpg]

How to do it: 
Take your right hand's fingers around your left-hand index finger and press the nail of your right hand's thumb onto the middle of index fingers nail.

3. Breath in deeply and on the exhale you vibrate "AUM". 

How do I vibrate it? 
Slowly release your breath while vibrating "AHHHHHHHH-UUUUUUUUU-MHHHHHHHHHH". 

It sounds like: 

Take your time with each vibration and release your breath slowly.

4. Relax after you've done all steps 6 times.

5. Imagine a bright white-gold color coming out of your third eye.

Where is my third eye? 
The third eye is positioned in the center of your forehead slightly above the middle of your eyebrows.

[Image: thirdeyeposition.jpg]

6. Some people feel overwhelmed after completing those steps. However, I was doing this meditation as much and long as it feels good. In one meditation session you can do one round of Step 1 to 5, but if you feel it's right for you to do more, then please do more rounds.

7. Do this third eye meditation for 6 days in a row.

What can I expect from doing this 6 days in a row? 
Don't expect anything but just know it works for you. You may get a headache and feel pressure in your forehead area. This is actually a good sign as it means that energy is getting released. 

Now, everybody is different, and your experiences with this meditation may vary from other peoples success stories. 

However, I can tell you what I've felt after this meditation.
I've felt a strong pressure inside of my forehead, and I kept doing more rounds of the steps 1 to 5, and I ended up doing 20 rounds per day (just do this if you still feel good as overdoing it can harm you, and that can make you sick and stressed out). At the end of my meditation session I've had a strong headache, and after 3 days of meditation, I saw some flashing lights with closed eyes.

8. After those 6 days, you're not done at all as you need to keep meditating to fully open your third eye. 

How do I keep meditating on my third eye?
Close your eyes, and while your eyes are closed you look up to your third eye as much as you can without it being uncomfortable. Get your full attention on your third eye.


[Image: logo.png]

Alpha Satan is not just a forum, it's home to all spiritual people and especially to those who want to advance and get to the next spiritual level. We do not want to over-restrict discussions, and we give our members as much freedom as possible. We are always open to your suggestions (can be made in the "Suggestions"-category). The staff of Alpha Satan is here to help, and it may happen that they are making mistakes along the way, but they are also just humans trying their best to give you the best possible experience on Alpha Satan. Please consider this before sending any harsh messages. Be reasonable to the staff and other members and the same will be given back to you.


1. Please don't post LQ (low quality)  posts. 
These are considered as LQ posts:

- Spam.
Irrelevant or not on topic.
- Abusive language.
- Contains links promoting other websites.
- modified or LQ e-books.
- Bumping.

2. Adult discussions are absolutely allowed.

3. No privacy violation. You are not allowed to post other members personal or business information anywhere on the forum.

4. No advertising or selling of any kind without Premium Seller Membership. It's not allowed to promote other websites in your shares.

5. Don't impersonate members of the staff in any way.

6. Don't create multiple accounts. Anyone caught using multiple-accounts will be banned instantly.

7. If you're banned permanently, you'll lose all your groups.

8. Don't abuse the report function. Reporting posts or users without any reason will not be accepted. 

9. It is not allowed to ask for reputations.

10. Do not exploit any bugs or vulnerabilities in the forum. Please report any forum bugs or vulnerabilities to one of our staff members immediately.

11. You are not allowed to promote other forums or websites by any means.

12. No mentor request threads are to be posted on Alpha Satan. Instead, a mentor can make a thread, and members can respond to those, but as a member, you may not create a thread requesting a mentor.

13. No Skype, Telegram, FaceBook, Whatsapp Etc. Groups allowed, it only leads to scams and upsells thus it's prohibited.

14. You may not share or trade alpha satan premium accounts.

Any Questions?
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the rules.

Thanks a lot.
Your Alpha Satan staff.
[Image: icon.png]

1. Start Youtube Video
2. Continue reading

Why have I created Alpha Satan?

Hello World and every chosen one who is reading this!

YES! It has been done. This forum is made to spread truth and knowledge around the world.
The mission is simple. Reach excellence and help others to do the same!

This forum is more than a normal forum. For me, it's love, truth, and excellence. 
Lucifer is my father and friend, and he deserves the best and nothing less.

I'm giving my best every day to advance and guide others on this difficult path.
I want you to take your seat at the round, and I want to welcome our members to Alpha Satan!

Who am I?

Who am I? I'm the chosen ONE and fully dedicated soldier of Lucifer. My life has been shit but
I went through everything and Lucifer has helped me out of my miseries. 

I was born in Germany, and I'm the mix of German DNA and Indonesian DNA. Both parents have
been rebellious and spiritual in their past. Actually my father is with me on my path, and I'm
leading him as I'm leading many other people around the world to advance and follow this path.

I've always been different than others, and I always had the connection to Lucifer and the Gods!
I've seen and felt the truth. Since the moment I've dedicated my soul to Lucifer, I feel even 
more protected and guided by the gods.

I love to read and learn. I'm meditating and sending Lucifer powerful energies every day.
I am very disciplined and can be very mad if people do not use their potential and just waste their lives.

I'm sure you, the one who is reading this, will find his place in our family! 
As you found this forum you're meant for this path.


~ Infernal

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