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Date: January 30th- February 3rd

Tarot card: 6 of Swords

Zodiac Position: 10-14 degrees of Aquarius

Planet: Pluto/Mars

Animal: Hell Hound/Wolf

Plant: Violet/Jasmine

Metal: Iron/silver

Direction: East

Colour: Black/Red

Demonic Enn: Entay ama Andras anay

Rank: Marquis

Andras is a night demon and governs over 30 legion of spirits. 
Andras is a very dangerous demon who was known to kill mages and their assistants.

Andras is a great marauis of hell controlling over 30 legion of inferior demons. He is the 63rd spirit of the Goetia.

Andras can teach you death Magick, necromancy, telepathy, mastery over physical self(especially for war). He can be called upon for the destruction of your enemies. 

Andras appears in the form of an Angel having a head of raven riding a wolf with a shining sword in his hand.
Working with Andras can be quite unpleasant for some because he is sometimes straightforward to the point which some may not like and in order to yield results, he may do whatever is necessary.

Tarot card: 3 of Pentacles

Plant: Vervain

Date: January 6th-10th

Color: Pink

Animal: Panther

Metal: Copper

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth/Fire

Rank: President

Zodiac Position: 15- 19 degrees of Capricorn

Amy is a night demon and governs over 36 legion of spirits. He is also known as Avnas and is the 58th spirit of Goetia.
He is a supreme president of Hell.

He appears to the conjurer as a flaming fire but later changes his form to a Man.

He can teach you Astrology and science if that's what you wish for. He reveals treasures, wealth and answer any question. He can give you beneficial familiars.

Zodiac Position: 0-4 Degrees of Taurus

Colour: Red/Gold

Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles

Date: April 20th-24th

Metal: Gold

Planet: Sun(solar deity)

Plant: Nightshade

Rank: Prince

Element: Fire/Air

Demonic Enn: Avage Secore Amon ninan

Amon is a day demon commanding over 40 legion of demons.
He is the 7th goetic demon. He is also connected to Egyptian God Amun.

Amon can help you bring back two lovers together or can help you reinforce love towards one.
Not just lovers but he can flourish harmony between two foes too.

He can be summoned to predict future and discern the past thus he helps the conjurer with divination too.

He appears as serpent-tailed wolf and spits tounge of fire. He also takes human form with the head of raven.

Being a Solar deity, he can help you with your solar chakra works too. According to my experience, when he tried to call me, I heard a howl of a wolf.
However, Each God has it's own way to call someone.

Date: February 19th-23rd

Tarot card: 8 of Cups

Color: Light Blue/Green

Plant: Mimosa

Planet: Neptune

Animal: Bird

Metal: Silver

Rank: King

Element: Water/Air

Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of Pisces

Direction: Southeast

Amdusias Also known as Amduscias is a Great duke of hell and controls over 30 legion of spirits. He is a night demon.

Amdusias has the highest skill in music in hell and thus can help you with increasing your musical skills.

He causes musical instruments to be heard, but not seen, and gives excellent familiars.

He can cause trees to fall on ground on conjurer's will and can even cause a tree to be barren of leaves .
Amdusias is rather more aggresive and he can help the conjurer get rid of a person.

Therefore, He can also help you with protection and banishing.

Colour: Green

Zodiac Position: 15-19 degrees of Sagittarius

Date: December 8th-11th

Animal: Bat

Planet: Uranus

Plant: Sage

Tarot Card: 9 of Rods

Metal: Bronze

Element: Water

Rank: President 

Zodiac: Virgo 

Direction: South 

Demonic Enn: Typan efna Alloces met tasa.

Alloces is a night demon and controls over 36 legion of spirits.
He has a deep hoarse voice and is loud in speaking. 
He gives beneficial familiars to the conjurer.
He can teach you Astronomy and liberal sciences.
He can be sent to take revenges on your secret enemies.

Alloces appears having lion face with fierce red eyes riding a horse.

AIM has many names such as:

1) Aym 

2) Aini

3) Harborym

4) Hrborym

Zodiac position: 20-24 degrees of Cancer

Date: July 13th to 17th.

Plant: Lemon 

Planet: Neptune

Metal: Tin/Neptunium 

Tarot card: 4th of Cups

Colour: Deep blue

Element: Air

Rank: Marquis/Duke

Demonic Enn: Ayer avage secore Aim 

Aim is a day demon and controls over 26 legions of spirits. He is said to be a Duke.
He gives true answers of questions. Even those unknown to humans.

He makes men cunning, witty and teaches shrewdness. 
Aim Aka Ayin is the 23rd spirit of Goetia.

It is also said he is same as the demon "Raum".

Aim manifests as a three headed man, one of snake, another of cat and the last one of a human.
He holds torch in one hand and rides a viper.

This demon is greatly knowledgeable and can answer any question even regarding personal matters.

The demon is said to be able to set down buildings and whole cities on fire on the command of the conjurer.

Zodiac position: 5-9 Degrees of Aries

Date: March 25th-29th

Colour: Deep Red

Plant: Carnation 

Planet: Mercury and Mars

Metal: Copper

Element: Air/Fire

Rank: Grand duke

Direction: East

Animal: Tiger

Demonic Enn: Rean ganen ayar da Agares

Agares is a day demon/demoness. He is also known as Aguares. According to Old testaments, He governs 31 legions of spirits.
Agares is not limited to one form thus appearing as a female too.

She can teach humans every language currently existing or those which existed in the past.

She can chase off your enemy and can bring about downfall of men which cause them to lose their respect and Honour.

She is able to destroy the spirit of your enemies. She is very friendly with humans.

Agares or Aguares appears as a beautiful blonde woman. However, These Gods aren't limited to one form, so you may experience them differently.

Hey everybody! Vidit here!
Ok so this is my first post here on ALPHA SATAN. 
Excited to share some techniques which can help you to make your astral journey more better.

Here we go : 

    I prefer this everytime and to everyone who wants to astral travel or astral project. Calling upon a god is always an excellent idea.
Not only gods but you can call upon even your ancestors if you are more comfortable with them.
This has many benefits, such as...

They protect you from astral beings trying to attack you.
They can help you build some Astral weapons which you can use when they are not there with you.
They can help you build up some Astral sheild. Mother Lilith helped me with building some shields, so if you want to get some protection work done, I would prefer Lilith.

   This method is my own favourite. What you need to do is first enter a trance state and when you are fully relaxed, Start visualizing a tunnel appering infront of you.
Visualize yourself going through this tunnel and also visualize your end goal i.e., where you want to go.
See the tunnel ending with the place where you wanted to go. 
This method which i naturally produced has helped me a lot not only in Astral travelling but also in REMOTE VIEWING.

    This is a problem with many people trying to travel. They enter the trance state but after reaching to a point, they get excited or panic which pulls their brain back to their conscious mode and they fail.
Just let yourself relax, observe things rather than controlling them at first. Practise yoga to improve your focus.
Observation is the key. You have to let things flow, do not judge yourself like what you are doing or what appears infornt of you. Just observe things. Meditation will help you improve this too. 

These 3 techniques will help you a lot in having a better Astral travel.
I hope this helped you all.



Hello everybody! I am Vidit. I  am an occultist, I work with Ancient Gods which you may know as demons. I also work with Archangels to some extent. i also sell services such as love spells, prosperity workings, ritual for hire, banishing ( both of spirits and people from your life) , cleansings, healing, curses and hexes... ALL AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!

My only goal is to make people know about how gods truly are and what they do and have done for humans.

I am looking forward to post some great gnosis for you all.


The Secret | Difference between Angels and Demons

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