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Barbatos Demon lord - vidit - 03-30-2019

Zodiac Position: 5- 9 degrees of Taurus; Gemini 10-20; Pisces 0-4

Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles

Date: April 25th-29th

Color: Black

Planet: Venus

Metal: Copper

Plant: Ground Ivy

Rank: Duke

Element: Earth/Fire

Directions: Southwest/North 

Demonic Enn: Eveta fubin Barbatos

Barbatos is a day demon And governs over 30 legion of spirits. He is the 8th spirit of Goetia. He is also known as Barbatas. He has been given titles such as "The wild archer" and "The wood-demon".

He can grant you power to communicate with different animals and understand their language.

He can predict future accurately and knows all things about past and present.

He can help you discover lost or hidden treasures.

He can reconcile friends or partners. 

He can bring you grace or favour from higher authorities which can bring you wealth.

He can also teach you musical skills.

He can help you in understanding the geomatry of dream and help you understand and recollect dreams.

He can assist you in dream walking and Astral shapeshifting.

He appears as a beautiful man with blonde hair and white wings.