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GUSION – The Day Demon of Divination - Anewbiz - 08-22-2018

[Image: GUSION.png]

GUSION – The Day Demon of Divination
Tarot Card: Three of Cups

Names: Gusion, Gusoyn, Gusayn, Gusoin

Zodiac: Taurus, (Cancer – Gusion told me Taurus is right, but many sources report about Cancer being right, so, I’ve included it as well)

Planet: Saturn, (Venus – Gusion showed me Saturn when I’ve asked him, but Venus seems to be right as well)

Metal: Copper

Plant: Aloe Vera

Element: Earth and Water

Dates: 2nd July – 12th July and middle of May

Color: Green and Yellow

Incense: Sandalwood

Time: Day

Direction: North

Powers: Divination and Reconciliation

Appearance: He usually appears as Xenophilius in bright blue.

Chant/Enn: Secore Vesa Anet Gusion


[Image: Gusion%20Sigil%20Seal.png]
Gusion is a great diplomat; he can heal and influence any relationship with any person. Gusion can also look into the past, present, and future.

He is very serious about his duties, and he is very honest. He is the master of relationships, and he could turn any evil and hated person into a loved and admired person.

If you’re dedicated to him, he can grant you higher positions in your life and business. However, don’t bother him with random irrelevant questions.

He doesn’t like time wasters, but he is there if you need help with Divination and Reconciliation, but not for anything else than that.

He is very peaceful, and he often wears a robe. He often appears as a light-bluish humanoid creature with a strong aura.

[Image: gusion%20xenophilus%20gusoyn.jpg]

He likes yellow candles, and it is recommended to work with him on dirt ground (outdoor).

Some people say he leads 40 legions, and some say he leads 45 legions, but I had a feeling that 45 legions is the right answer.

~ Infernal